Rice and Beans: Starvation in Mexico

When people think of the common diet in Mexico rice and beans are the first things that come to mind. While these items are a staple in Mexican cooking they are just not enough to keep people healthy. In fact starvation and lack of food in Mexico is still a serious problem to this day. As of a recent report there are more deaths from starvation in Mexico than there are murders between rival drug gangs.

The Center for Studies on Research in Development and Social Welfare and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography have reported that within a ten year period 85,343 people died from malnutrition and starvation in the country of Mexico. There are at least 12 million people in Mexico that cannot afford to purchase food even the basis items including rice and beans. If a person does not die directly from starvation they can die from diseases related to it. The body is at risk for a number of infections and is too weak to even fight off something as simple as the common cold.

Some researchers stay that the problem is not the lack of food available to the people. They have stated that the government does not provide social programs to help the people. There has also been a reduction if farm subsidies. People are not growing as many crops as they used to. If they are able to grow crops they see little of the profit from the sales of these crops. This means the people of Mexico are living in dire conditions and do not have access to food. They do not have the money to purchase the food that they need and there is little to no help from the government for many Mexicans.

According to source hunger is a bigger problem than just the lack of foods, proteins, and carbohydrates that the body needs to stay health. There is also a problem with access to fresh water. The water that many people have access to is dirty, lacks proper sanitation, and is also contaminated with disease.

Mexico is made up of 339 different municipalities . As much as 50 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty including those living in Mexico City. There is also a huge problem with income equality in Mexico. The people that live in the remote areas of the country lack basic services and are more likely to be affected by starvation.

There are some changes in Mexico that are being made to help people. World hunger organizations are lending their aid to the people of Mexico. The literacy rate is improving while the birth rate per family is decreasing. Still these improvement do not seem like they are enough to save the poor in Mexico.

While the economy in Mexico has shown improvement over the years there are still hundreds of thousands of people that suffer from hunger. Mexico still has 58 million people that live below the poverty line with 11 million of these people living in extreme poverty .If these conditions continue people will continue to die from hunger which in the modern world is a preventable problem.