The Powerful Teachers Union of Mexico

Unions are meant to protect the employees’ rights so that they do not have to go through undue hardship under the hands of unfair management. In some situations, unfair treatment may be caused by a variety of concerns including harassment from another employee or boss, low wages, assigning duties that are not within the scope of the job function and the like.

All of which are seen as problems that can be addressed by those who are members of union that bargains collectively on their members’ behalf. To that end, there are many strong unions all over the globe that represent thousands to millions of employees at a time. One of the more notable teacher’s unions in Mexico that people may or may not recognize today is The Powerful Teachers Union of Mexico. With a 1.5 million member base, it is one of the largest unions in Mexico.

To date, this union has had to deal with several monumental problems including the thousands of teachers engaging in a ground breaking strike and their leader being arrested for embezzling $200 million dollars out of the union’s funds. So, for those who are interested in the latest news about this union, here’s a little information about the momentous strike and the embezzlement.

Momentous and Ongoing Strikes Against Political Agendas

Based on information by various resources online, during this time the teachers were noted as winning a moral victory. However, they were not necessarily victorious in turning back the educational reform laws that posed the greatest risks to the poor in Mexico society. Even though the initial strike was posed in 2013, the fight to maintain ground in opposition to Mexico’s government continued in the year 2015. Part of the frustration that the union is experiencing that has lead to more militant actions is instituting programs that will not only test students for competencies but teachers too. These groups are also protesting to protect and ensure better working conditions including making sure that they have the appropriate amount of vacation days instead of having them taking away.

Leader of the Powerful Teachers Unions Accused of Embezzling $200 million

Though this Union has a record of successes that they can be proud of over the years, the union’s leader in 2013 was accused of a certain amount of impropriety. This is because she, Elba Esther Gordillo, was accused and arrested for taking money ($200 million) from the Union’s funds. As one of the top most despised political figures of this day, she was also accused of other illegal activities including corruption in hiring practices and controlling other aspects of the educational system. With approximately 24 years in this system, the news came as a surprise to leaders around her and the society as a whole.

The Powerful Teachers Union of Mexico is a huge body that consists of a 1.5 million member base. Due to its overall influence in recent years, this union staged a momentous strike that seized public buildings, borders and other critical areas around the city. The impact was so far reaching that it was the largest teacher’s strike recorded in Mexico’s history. In addition to this history making strike, recent news reports also disclosed activities that led to a $200 million embezzlement by the leader of the teacher’s union.